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Discovering kitesurfing in Nicaragua


Amayo Kite Beach

I was in Central America recently on a surf trip when I stumbled upon Lake Nicaragua. As I was passing the southern tip of the lake in a taxi we came upon a windmill farm catching side on shore winds. I motioned for the taxi driver to stop so I could get out and check the conditions. It was all farm land with a small but workable beach. The water was choppy but the wind is strong and consistent. I continued on to the town of San Juan del Sur where I heard there was cheap hostels and a good nightlife. San Juan is known as “the surf town” of Nicaragua. It’s a really cool little place with plenty of ex-pats who have a healthy social life and passing through tourists who have a hard time leaving. I spent a week walking around meeting people and asking if anyone was kite surfing in the area. If the person even knew what I was talking about then I got the answer “there was a guy a few years ago who was doing it but is gone now”. So I went a did a whole bunch of Internet research and found there are good winds January through to May and 1 article was written in 2007 for Kite surf mag but other than that it’s pretty much unchartered territory. I went back to Canada, organized my life and moved to Nicaragua, knowing it wasn’t going to be easy but pay off in the end would be great.
It’s now been 2 1/2 months since I arrived here with my bags in hand ready to discover all that Nicaragua had to offer. It took me until 1 week ago to find who in town had kite surfing gear and who could ride. I ended up discovering the Good Times Surf Shop where David is running a successful retail/lessons/rental surf shop. We have partnered up and are putting together all things necessary to make the most of this fast approaching windy season. It is a going to be quite the adventure here for me and there will never be a dull moment!!


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