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Moving abroad, are you alone?

When you decide to make the move away from your friends and family to a far away land, do you really know what you are getting into? We all have fairytale ideas of what it’s going to be like and for the most part it is but there is this underlying loneliness we all struggle with. Whether it’s for a partner, your children or family; when you live more then a simple phone call away it’s hard. At first when you arrive to the town in your country of choice you go out partying a lot. It’s a great way to meet people and numb the shock of what you have just done. During this courting period with your new home many different things can happen. If you are a younger girl more then likely will find yourself lured in by the local hot surfer boy type. For many this is a good way to learn the language, area and culture. For some it’s a way to get used, robbed or linked with the wrong crowd. This is a very risky way to enter your new world but in some cases it works out.
If you are a guy of any age you more then likely have the opportunity to score many of the local young beautiful girls. This to will provide similar positive or negative experiences but you have a way bigger thing to worry about…..babies. I have heard and seen these situations more often then not where men are blinded by opportunity to be with these exotic beauties and before they know it find themselves supporting a small tribe of people. I’m not saying this won’t make you happy but it’s best not to be naive. For the rest of the people a slow steady integration hopefully finds them well.
Once you begin to settle and make true friends you stop, look around and really get to know yourself. This process can lead to two different outcomes, either you find focus and understanding or your run away to drugs and alcohol. The latter is unfortunately an easy path because it’s usually cheap and fun but you will be spit out one day. The other is a hard long road. You are forced to really feel things. You learn to deeply value friendships and discover areas of yourself you didn’t know existed. Many times you may find yourself sitting alone second guessing your decisions but you need to plow through, wake up the next day and do the best you can. After all, you moved there to have freedom. So embrace it.


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