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Hockey fans are out of control

What is going on in the world that people what to burn cars, break store windows and destroy public property just because their hockey team lost. It’s absurd, embarrassing and wrong. How can people think that just because they are upset its ok to break huge store front windows that cost tones of money to replace or burn someone’s car. Yes people have insurance but this is wrong. It is not ok to wreck things that do not belong to you. Did you not learn this in kindergarten? I don’t understand where this got lost. Sport is not in our lives to make us act like idiots. It’s in our lives to enhance and bring joy to our lives. It’s to inspire children and help us to grow. It’s give us a sense of belonging and teamwork. When we destroy that sport is no longer enjoyable. It makes a family outing to watch a game scary or even dangerous, is that what we want. I doubt it, so people think about what you are doing and how you act because yes people are always watching.



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