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Why do men always do the same thing?

It feels like North American men always pursue the girl they want with such desire and ambition. They wine you, they dine you and make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. Then once they have you and a shiny object catches their eye, your done… outed. They put you in the “my god when will she get fed up enough to just dump me” file. Were they once admired and charmed you, they now forget to pick you up or don’t notice when they hit you in the head with their coat as they are heading out the door. What is it? Why do they do this? I completely don’t understand it they baffle me. Is the secrete to happiness serial dating? Keeping them on the edge, never losing your shine and when you see the fascination starting to fade you break up. Why do we have to work so hard anyway? Why should we have to make them interested in us? Why can’t they just… like us? It’s something that more and more 30 somethings feel, I hear it all the time. It seams the more independent and outgoing we are, the more attractive we are until that moment comes along when they realize their in a relationship and then they regret these qualities. You either get the “it’s not you it’s me” line or they’re trying to screw the needy bimbo at the office. Men always say women are complicated but in my experience they confuse the shit out of me and I just want to not be ignored. How hard is that? Apparently……very. I know i’m ranting but I see it all the time. Just when I think I meet a good guy or a friend does sooner or later it ends in disaster. The best relationships i’ve had are ones that last only a few months. If anyone has any advice or things to offer on the topic. I’m all ears!


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  1. Hmmmm

    July 20, 2011 at 3:16 am

  2. Hello! I dont know if you check your comments, but, here goes!

    I’ve seen what you blog about over, and over, and over again. I talk my cousins ears off at work, because, all he does is go from one woman to the next. Once he gets ‘bored’, its on the the next attractive but not intelligent woman he can find to talk circles around and feel like hes the ‘big man on campus’. I honestly dont get it either. Only had one relationship in my 24 years of life, and i can say i never got tired of her! Even if i had gotten bored, i would of nevvver given a sleesy excuse like’ its not you, its me’, or ‘I dont wanna lose the spark, lets take a break!’. Men who say and do these things are only interested in one thing, obviously.

    Believe you me, people around me have gotten more than annoyed because im the only guy that goes around pointing these things out as they severely annoy and repulse me. Going out with a girl long enough to have intercourse, then, leaving permanently soon after. Only thing i can think of, is dont have sex with them. If you dont, they wont act as if they have ‘claimed their prize’, and can move on.

    Hope im not ranting too much either, just really pisses me off women get taken advantage of all the time, just so guys can get their rocks off 😦

    sincerely, Jeremy!

    November 16, 2011 at 7:40 pm

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